Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday "Stuff"

These are some cut, ready to sew pillow case parts.  Saving to work on for the next Friday Night Sew-in (next week?). I'll donate all four cases to the Million Pillow Case cause.

Coops are cleaned out and hens are locked up unless someone is outside now.  Prey bird took one of two green egg laying hens last Wed night. It was just before dusk, I heard a ruckus and ran out but all was over with.  Just a pile of that hens pretty feathers in an open space where the girls free-range. I know its bird nesting season and the big prey birds must feed their chicks. But they don't get to feed on my hens!
 Elvis the white Silky roo loves his girls but he is no match for a hungry prey bird that out-weighs him x's 2.  We lost the Speckled Sussex in January to a prey bird. Elvis did put up a fight then. His feathers were all over the ground and he was cut on his back. It was a good try on his part.  Maybe we need a bigger rooster out front but then he would tear up the hens when mating.  So, gentle Elvis stays.

The bantam Frizzled girls are finally growing feathers after a moult.  They are looking nekkid !  Small feather growths are sprouting up making both look like porcupines. LOL
 I bet both will be very broody once they feather out and start to lay again. Silly hens!

Matilda in her usual spot, the Sofa Queen.  Java aka "Cocoa Puffs" is sleeping next to where I sit.  He usually pads down to his bed in the den.
I'm glad he is finally coming out to hang with the rest of our Poodle Gang.


  1. Lovely fabrics to make into pillow cases... poor hens being traumatised.... but the dogs seem very relaxed....

  2. Cool fabrics. I used to have to chase off hawks when I had chickens, too. Yours are really cute. I've done the failed well pump numerous times as well. The joys of living rural--I wouldn't trade it for anything!
    best, nadia