Sunday, April 1, 2012

Oh Goodness- April!

No completed projects last month :( And I'm itching to start a new one! Awful me. Here is one I may just pull fabrics for and stash away. Quilt Magazine Summer 2004, Oklahoma Twister by Marcia of Quilter's Cache. (right click for great close-up view). I've always loved brights with black. Found a nice black TOT and ordered from 1000's of Bolts last week. Gotta buy when found or it's gone.

Chicks are coming in to feed stores now. It seems early for chicks but if you want any for this year then have to buy now.Two (supposed to be but don't look like R.I. Reds) and two Barred Rocks. These can go outside next week with heat lamp. They are feathering up fast at just two weeks old.

Snow on Huachuca's last week. Too many warm days and then short night freezing. Many plants and trees here bloomed way early only to be frozen back. I'll have to wait and see what made it. Monday my garden is getting planted, no matter what. LOL

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