Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday Yard Stuff

Chicken yard is greening up with mesquites getting leafy. This is about as green as it gets in our part of AZ, unless grass grows with a heavy monsoon season.

Mr. or Ms. Toad headed for garden box.  I always look down when walking, rattle snake season has started with warm temps.   Pleasant surprise to see this little critter.  It was sitting on that green hose or I may have passed by and missed it.

Close up with contrast change to better see the toad.  These are gentle little creatures, attracted by water.  My cousin and I would catch and release when visiting Nevada in childhood years.  Locals call these "horned toads". Great bug eaters so they are welcome in my garden.

Toy shed progress, nice and roomy inside with walls up.  Motor bikes and ATV will fit and leave more room in garage for cars.   No roof yet, just open beams.
Tarp put on today with slight prediction of rain.   No rain yet, just overcast and a cooler day.  Seems temps are headed way up so summer will be early and long.


  1. Mr. Toady is cute, but a rattlesnake would see the back side of me running VERY FAST in the other direction - YIKES!

    A few years ago I was at a friend's house - they started talking about Rocky, who turned out to be their boa constrictor. A PET boa. !!!!! The hubby smiles and points up towards the ceiling, so I look - and there's a dang snake wrapped around the light fixture. I took off for the back yard faster than a bolt of lightning - holy smokes!! I refused to visit them after that unless the snake stayed upstairs in it's aquarium cagey thingy!

  2. such a lovley fresh green on the bushes.. and what an unusual toad... I thought it was a stumpy tailed lizard.... I am shuddering just at the thought of snake though!! toy shed is making great progress...

  3. I enjoyed your pictures especially the toad...