Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Finally Have All Fabrics

Gold horse fabric arrived yesterday. It's not quite as bold as showing up in photo.
  Found the green weave fabric on sale 40% off at LQS.  The original pattern calls for a green (I could not find the green collection fabric).  Both will do so I need to get started sewing now.

Poodles were getting treats, Pibbs had to get a bite too. Chelsea stretches her neck to sniff.  They don't get too close to  Pibbs, sometimes he reaches out with claws bared.

Pibbs is being a good boy today, no claws. I guess he really likes the cheese bites.

Mouse is sticking his neck out too.  LOL  He can be a thief at times.  Pibbs nicely ignores Mouse's nose.
Wonky minds his own biz, smart guy.  Usually he is the one to be in trouble, hah.


  1. Will be fun to see your horses project come together. Love the doggie photos as always. :o)

  2. Those are some pretty horse prints. I'll be watching to see how they grow. Love the pictures of your fur babies. Isn't it funny how they each have their own personality.