Monday, March 19, 2012

My "Design Wall" Monday

Just an old poly batting pinned in laundry room. But it works- LOL.Plaid strings on papers that have started to curl up. I'll finish these (hopefully) today, sew into a top and then enjoy pulling papers loose. Something to do while watching tv. Castle is on tonight, one of my favorite tv shows.

Soft hail and snow flurries today. So far it doesn't stick but will tonight. The roosters are visiting each other. Cold does not seem to bother them. Boyd (white Leghorn) is locked up for good now. He's become very aggressive, attacks us and had been really mean to little Silky roo (Howdy-doody). The big black Cochin roo (Big Guy) is a nice fellow.

Furkids were out early, running in the cold windy temps. They came in panting but soon all snuck away for naps.
Chelsea wedged her bum close to Zoey. Zoey was warm and sleepy so she didn't move away. I covered Zoey with my favorite scrap quilt. Not sure if that old girl keeps warm on chilly days.

Pibbs knows how to stay warm. He cuddles with the Wonky Unit. Wonky is wary of Pibb's claws so doesn't want to snuggle too close.
These guys won't have to snuggle for long. Temps back in 70's then 80's by Friday this week!

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