Friday, April 20, 2012

Bad Blogger !

Wow, blogger has made such changes.  I'll make a test post to see if all is working. So far I get a message that my browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Tried to download Google Chrome but it is not working for me.
Dang, I had some pics to share and tonight is Friday Night Sew-in.


  1. Try the old tried and true fix - reboot your computer - that fixes a lot of problems. I use Firefox with Blogger - now I'm using version 11.0 but I only upgraded it yesterday, so whatever came before that is what I was running with no problems (other than the occasional Blogger bug). There are lots of people very unhappy about this new roll-out!

  2. I'm not such a fan either, but managed to get my post up. Just took longer trying to find all the right buttons, etc. Grr. ;) I have Google Chrome and it works really well.

  3. I dislike change when it is working fine and I know how to do it. i know bummer..

  4. Hi Wonky Girl
    Had the same problem, not crash hot on changes, and also tried to download Google chrome. Not very happy cause my blog just looks terrible and I really struggle with uploading photos.

    Love all your quilts esp the cats. Was nice catching up with you. Enjoy your day Rina