Friday, March 2, 2012

Whoa- March Already?

Well, for 2012 I wanted a goal of one finished UFO each month. Not gonna happen so far. I did get the Valentine Kitty blocks put into two almost finished tops. The Indian Hatchet blocks are topped but all three tops still need borders.
Ah, when I say finished UFO I guess I really mean a finished ready to quilt UFO "top".
That's my goal and I'm stick'in to it!

HST's from all the Indian Hatchet blocks. I made sure to take time and sew the extra seam on each corner. I cut off as corners were pressed open. Maybe I'll sew them into long border strips. It would look nice I think (and may as well use them up).

Java poodle boy sleeping. His favorite spot for a serious nap is on a closed cell foam pad next to bed.I keep trying to get better pics of Java but he's hard to catch still. Seems like he sees the camera and ducks, runs. Maybe the flash is scary.

Mimsy the Hairball. She gets hot and stretches out to cool off.She lives dangerously, poodles were milling about very close to her tail!


  1. Java! It's so nice to finally meet you, guy - I hope you're doing well! Lol @ The Hairball - Mimsy is gorgeous, and it looks like she knows it - I bet her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard (or however that saying goes), LOL!

  2. Aw, Buster doesn't like the camera either. I think it's the little clicking noise that it makes right before the flash goes off, plus the flash. I can only take one photo of him and then he catches on and runs from it. lol Beautiful kitty, and looking forward to seeing your tops. :o)