Tuesday, February 28, 2012

More Scrap Blocks & Pet Antics

Mailed a bunch of the Indian Hatchet blocks for the comfort quilt effort and just kept on sewing more.I love scrap quilts, especially with mixed creams.

Closer look.Some of these pieces have been in my stash for a while. Some are in several quilts. I always feel sad when the last bit of one is used up.
Mimsy is such a little stinker. She wants to cuddle with Zoey but Zoey gets up and moves when Mimsy comes close. (That blue lump behind is Mouse in his coat).LOLThis time Mims waited until Zoey was asleep. PatchCat snuck in too.

Uh-oh, Zoey wakes up and there is Mimsy.Zoey makes yuck face.

Mimsy laughs!In the end cats always seem to get their way.

Looks like Pibbs had one too many kitty treats.He is such a sweet soul, 'specially when sleeping. Ha.


  1. love the growing quilt.. and fun series of pictures with the animals...

  2. I'm not sure that we should actually use up any of our fabrics - there's always a bit of a sense of loss when favourites are gone, LOL. Of course, we can usually find MORE, or find something new to love, but somehow that doesn't always help!

    Love the critter pictures - there's always something fun going on in the Wonky household, lol! Mr. Pibbs looks like a bunny in that photo!

  3. How on earth do people survive without pets? Endless amusement. Thanks for the smiles!

  4. I love your scrap quilt that you're making. Those are fun blocks to make. I also love your pet pics. So much fun! :o)
    xo Happy Leap Day!