Friday, March 9, 2012

We've Been Hunkered Down

Cold hard wind day after day here in SE AZ. Plants are budding and it's been freezing every night. Hope all survive. We had more summer temps in deep winter than now!
But meanwhile I'm going thru my stash. Here are some very long ago swap blocks. They will make a nice patriotic quilt for QOV.
Thinking maybe I'll change out the white corners for more reds and blues. Somehow white just doesn't go with these more subdued colors.

Border and backing fabric to go around those Americana style blocks.

Java is a less bit camera shy these days.He is hungry and staring me down (Java is always hungry). We try to break his food into several feedings (to avoid his being sick) so maybe he is confused to when he gets fed?

Poodles have been sleeping lots. And all want to eat us out of house and home.Here I get stared down by Wonky and Chelsea. Mouse smells chicken on the stove!

And Patchcat keeps warm. She is unawares of the Zoey legs lurking nearby. None of the poodles seem to mind stepping on a cat. LOL


  1. could try putting the 4 blocks with white corners in the middle and see what that looks like with them grouped together, if you didn't want to pick out..but prob would look better with warmer colors. (I exhaust all options before picking Love the pet photos! xo

  2. We're having crazy-a$$ weather here - we didn't get much wintery weather until February, and now in March it's completely wacky - this morning it started out sunny (but cool) with dry roads/driveways and no snow at all - then 3 hours later everything was covered with 2" of snow - then several hours after that most of it had melted - and now everything is white again and it looks like a blizzard out there, LOL. Oh - and by Sunday it's supposed to be up to 50F (right now it's 22F). CRAZY!

    Patchcat! Watch out for poodle legs, LOLOL!!

  3. Today and tomorrow has been dreary and rainy...perfect days to sew, sew I plan...

    Temp. a few days ago was in the was 45 or so....

    Ya just have to take it as it comes.....

  4. Yeah, we've got cold bleak weather in Tunisia too. I can't remember a lousy winter like this. Good reason to stay in the studio and sew! Cool patchwork and your animal photos are great. I rather have a fondness for poodles and poodle mixes.
    best, nadia

  5. I am laughing out loud at your motley crew. Cuteness abounds!