Saturday, March 17, 2012

Friday Night Sewing

Happy Blocks finished for my Friday Night Sew-In.I thought about sewing them into a top but will let the gals receiving decide.

Empty a basket and the cat fills it back up. LOLI've been trying to organize sewing/quilting stuff.

Wonky takes over Pibbs bed.He lays there and licks the empty cat food bowl.


  1. Lovely quilt Deb. your animals look so cute in their baskets.

  2. Love you Happy Blocks quilt. It's bright and cheerful. Great colors.

  3. I love that block design - it's a good way to showcase eye spy (theme) type fabrics, and a super way of using up the little leftovers we frequently get!

    Zoomer thinks that an empty laundry basket is a invitation for him to plop his plump behind in for a nap :)