Sunday, February 26, 2012

Special Gift

Treat Bag for Pibbs!Hand made from Sandra Sews (blogger) and her kitty- Zoomer.

All the way from Canada.What wonderful cat fabric (I have not seen before).

Great attention to detail with topstitching and ric-rac trim.
Even the inside wrapper has sweet decals.

Cute little silver kitty zipper pull.

Mimsy dreams about sharing treats. I think Pibbs will be ok with that- if he is sleeping too!
A big thank you from Pibbs. He is turning out to be one spoiled kitty dude :)


  1. Woooooooohoo I'm glad it arrived - we made a last minute trip to Buffalo last weekend so I got my butt in gear and got the bag finished late the night before, lol! I think Mr. Pibbs is man enough to be able to carry a panty bag without looking too girly, but I hope he shares with Mimsy, because that would be the RIGHT thing to do :)

    (I'm going to steal one of your pictures to post on my blog - I had a post typed up ready to go when you got the envelope, and now I can add a picture of the recipient with his loot, if it's OK!)