Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Long Weekend Over

In between other projects I've been sewing some Indian Hatchet blocks. These will be mailed to join others for comfort quilts. Easy mindless blocks to sew but amazing how pretty they will be in a finished quilt.

Can you stand to see more of those Valentine Kitty blocks?LOL (I must journal that I put them into tops).There were so many extras and many pre-cut needing sewing. Well, I decided to get them into a second top, will finish rows tonight. If stored away I may never get back to them.

Mom and scrap kitten block.There was a short scrap left and ear squares so I made the pair to fit in bottom corner. Saved several kitty blocks to put on backing. That will take time to fit them on some how but will be a cute surprise to find on quilt back I think.

Zoey, life of leisure. PatchCat is in her favorite spot. Zoey would be vexxed to know Patch was so close.I will end up there with Zoey this afternoon. Long weekend meant DH had lots of outdoor projects I wanted to help with. (Such beautiful weather and no wind.) When I started to hurt I popped a pain med and worked on. Not a good idea! I'm down today. Don't even feel like sewing, maybe after a rest I will get going again.

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  1. I went looking for my stack of cat blocks but they're nowhere to be found - they're probably tucked somewhere really "safe"! I think yours are adorable, and will make a fantastic quilt!

    Zoey and PatchCat look quite content - I hope Mr. Pibbs is doing well, and how is Java getting on? I hope he's settling in!