Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Second Scarf Finish

This one for a young horse-riding lady. Such a beautiful print...."Dancing Horses" by Laurel Burch. She is my all time favorite fabric designer.

Scarf pocket. Peek inside and see some horses peeking back. LOL
I'm think'in I should make one of these scarves for myself. It's been windy and cool doing outside chores here in SE AZ.

All the furkids had breakfast. Now they settle down to their favorite napping spots.Zoey and Mr. Pibbs don't usually get so close. I think he snuck up after she settled.

Snoozy time, I better quit flashing the camera.Their company is much enjoyed.


  1. Love your scarves! Just gotta say as I catch up...we gave Seamus meds when he got groomed...yeh the boy that is a therapy dog was AWFUL with the groomer. Eventually, he learned to trust them and now he doesn't need the meds. Hope you all are doing well!
    Hugs, Mickie

  2. It's gorgeous - Laurel Burch was an amazing designer. I have to ask though - how cold is "cool" in SE AZ?

    I've met Mickie's Seamus (and Teddy, and Greta) in person - they're all lovely - as is Miss Mickie!!!

    Mr. Pibbs (hi, Dude!) and Zoey are probably best friends when nobody is looking, but they have to act huffy when anybody is around - they don't want people to KNOW they're buddies, lol!

  3. The fur babies are such good company! I'm thankful for ours, too. Those scarves you've been making are really tempting me. They are so pretty, and I like the retirement quilt you made, too. You will post after-quilted pictures, won't you??

  4. My dogs and cat get close together when they think I'm not watching. I think they all have an image to uphold.