Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Scarf Sewing

My nieces liked the scarf I gifted to their grand mom for her B-day. I decided to make a scarf for each girl.These are fun and quick to make with a cotton print and fleece back.

Pocket on one end of scarf. The fabric is glittery, just right for a little girl who loves to twirl and dance.

Uh-oh. Mr Pibbs has finished his kitty food. With four cats now they each get 1/4 of a can every morning.Pibbs wants all the food. Mimsy is giving him the stink eye. Mr. Pibbs will swat Mims if I don't intervene.

I'll be starting back on a UFO once scarves are done and mailed.


  1. lovely scarves.. what a great idea to include a pocket.... the cats look like they are in deep discussion!!

  2. The scaves are realy lovely. Mum says anyone would be proud to wear those and the pocket at the end is a lovely idea.. Hugs GJ xx