Friday, February 10, 2012

Last Week Stuff

On the sewing front.... not much happened last week. I cut plaid strings for a HeartStrings quilt. Blocks will have a black center and setting is diamond shaped.
Decided to use paper foundation so the quilt top won't be so heavy for me to work with. I only have two blocks sewn and hope to get a bunch more sewn over this weekend.

Last weekend DH built me a big board to go over the small ironing board. Just need to staple on the batting and canvas cover. This will be great to use for ironing quilt backs and long block rows. Nice that it can be removed and stored when not in use.

Mr. Pibbs has gotten to be a naughty boy. He chases all others from the kitchen every morning, even the big poo-dogs.Have to keep Pibbs in the kennel while breakfast is being prepped. After he gets his canned food all is well.

Matilda is so very happy to be rid of the dreaded cone. She is back to her "normal" self now.

Big surprise coming for all of us Saturday. Arizona Poodle Rescue is sending us an older (14 yrs) standard boy. He will live out his days here. Cannot wait to meet "Java"!


  1. Mr. Pibbs couldn't be a naughty boy - he's too darn cute and he looks very innocent (for a brat, lol).

    Z got word from the vet last night that he HAS to lose some weight - he's already on medication for something else so we need to prevent additional problems. He especially needs more exercise ... not exactly easy with a CAT! Oh well - for his sake we'll try!

    It's so lovely that you're able to give Java a new forever home - I'm sure he'll be happy with the rest of the gang, once he settles in!

  2. I could kick myself (okay, I have) for giving away my MIL's old very sturdy wooden ironing board. Your new board must be great - wonderful idea. Looking forward to meeting, Java. Bless you.

  3. Looks like lots of fun stuff to me. Our pets are endlessly amusing. So much better than television!