Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

A day early.Last week I quick sewed kitty blocks into rows. A little work each night and the top is done. Not sure about border yet but maybe some floating applique hearts on white.

Close up of lovely fabrics. Gotta love swapping cuz you get so many different fabrics back.This was a kitty block swap with the AboutQuilting gals, maybe six or seven (?) years back.

Zoey snuck onto the spare bed while I was ironing.This was a good day for Zoey, very alert and perky. She knows we are going into town, she loves a ride.

My hands are full with the new rescue poodle- Java. Sorry, no photos yet. I did snap some but he looks too sad in all. Java was badly matted so had to be shaved down (to a nub). He wants his rescue mom back, he wants to go home. Java came from a sad/bad situation and his rescue mom made him happy again. Now he is with us in a strange place.
Java is a wisp of a Poodle at 42lbs and small frame. At age 14 he is rickety on his legs, a lot like Zoey. He looks like her twin, only in a milk-chocolate colored coat. I'll post some photos of Java when he looks a bit more happy. Cold temps are moving in so gotta find some polar fleece and make a Java jacket. :)


  1. How many years now have I seen pictures of this kitty block and thought "I want to make one or three of that" LOL and I STILL haven't made one and I STILL want to make one. :D

    It made me happy to read that you have rescued an older furry heartbeat---I think zoey needs her too.

  2. Love your kitty quilt! I am sorry Java isn't happy yet. Sending puppy kisses to him. Hope he will feel comfortable soon!
    Hugs, Mickie

  3. I really like the red cats. And that poodle hair do is just the cutest.

  4. What a cute kitty/valentine quilt! :o) And I always love pet pics. :o)

  5. Ooohhhh, I love your valentine cats!!! :-)

  6. I've made a bunch of those kitty cat blocks - I wonder where I put them??!? I love that design - it's simple, but definitely reflects a love of kitty cats!

    I hope Java is getting more used to his new home - I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of him when he gets settled a bit more. Zoomer sends fistbumps to Mr. Pibbs!