Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quilt Top, Matilda & Wonky-do

This is what I've been working on for the past many days. The center is a panel surrounded with strips cut from different fabrics. Purchased as a kit last summer for a retirement quilt for DH's friend at work. We thought he would not retire for another year so the kit was stashed. Uh-oh retiring soon!When I pulled the kit out and read directions I realised the panel was cut too small from the bolt! I had to square it up best I could and recalculate strip sizes. Ugh!
Close up to show all the saws, hinges, hammers nuts and bolts. A perfect quilt for someone that will be a 'handyman" after retiring. (He helped build our chicken coop).The strips are straight and corners square, doesn't look so good pressed up against a puffy quilt batting on wall. I used lots'a heavy spray starch. Oh well, it is mailed off to be quilted. Did the best I could to keep it all straight.
Matilda had surgery a week ago. I noticed a lumpy place on her lower abdomen when checking her out after a groom.Long story short- Vet removed four mammary tumors. Matty hates the cone but she licks her surgery wound. The cone is just until Sunday.... seems forever until then. But she is doing great.
Blast from the past photo:
Wonky in 2005 with breeder. He was "mailed' to us from Oregon at age 18 months in 2006. Poor Wonky was returned to breeder after a short time with a lady that was mentally ill. She became frustrated trying to potty train Wonky and admitted to beating him with a broom and leaving him locked in a kennel for days at a time.
Yes, he was a fearful basket case and does not take to strangers at all. Little stinker bit the groomer last week, twice!
He is a lover boy to his family. The groomer is very sweet and said she would groom Wonky again because she knows his history. I will give him sedating meds next time but will try to groom at home if I can.


  1. Really like that quilt--I never thought of hardware and power tools as a subject for a piece! Very fun. Like your dog stories too. I once had a marvelous dog that looked like Wonky--rescued him from the pound and he was forever grateful.
    best, nadia

  2. Aw, poor Wonky. I'm so glad he has a home with you! I love your handyman quilt! Great idea for the gift you are giving! :)