Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Mr Pibbs

More pics of our new kitty, Mr Pibbs. Poor fella had been in a shelter for SIX YEARS!!! I'm guessing people were afriad to adopt this big kitty because of his illness. Pibbs is not really a big cat, he is well, um, he's kinda heavy. Pibbs has hypothyroidism and takes a daily pill to treat it.

Pibbs napping on bed with Zoey.Electric blanket makes it very cozy.

Pibbs also loves to sleep under a table set up to undecorate Christmas tree. The tree is gone now (two weeks ago) but I left the table for Pibbs.He likes to cuddle on our old Croc pillow.

Mr Pibbs has made himself at home here. He is dearly loved.

Been working hard on a retirement quilt for husbands work friend. Mailed the top to Millie today, she will quilt for me. Feels like a big weight lifted off my shoulders to finish that top. I'll blog pics as soon as the camera cable is found.


  1. Mr. Pibbs looks like a mighty sweet fella and I'm guessing he's really glad to have such a great home!

  2. How sweet is Mr Pibbs. I am so glad you have given him a nice home.

  3. He deserves to be loved and I hope he's very happy and settling in well with his new family.

  4. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww he's a gorgeous lad - he looks very happy to have found his forever home, and it's obvious he's become a much-loved member of the family! YAY for happy endings!

    My kitty (a large boy himself, at 18 pounds) needs pills every day as well - I can pop in a pill in about .8 of a second (lol!) so it's not a big deal at all. Hubby and both kids also know how to pill him, so I never have to worry about him going without. He never complains about his meds - he's a real trooper, and much loved :) I wish every kitty (and pupper!) could have someone who love on them and take care of them!

  5. So happy about Mr Pibbs! Congrats on your new addition :)

  6. He is soooo gorgeous.. I would have adopted him too..