Friday, January 13, 2012

Back From La-La Land

Not a lot of sewing/quilting go on. I'll share a tapestry my DH had framed. It hangs on dining room wall now and I love it.
I've been struggling with new meds for the fibromyalgia. Sleepy, sleepy is how they made me feel. Nerve pain was the problem, new med has taken the edge off. Cannot tolerate more meds so have to keep on keep'in on with things like they are for now.

Pineapple PP swap going on at AboutQuilting. I like to stack newsprint paper (from unprinted roll) and mark with sewing machine. Use an old needle, staple up to ten papers together and start in middle.
I have not started sewing my blocks yet :(
Marked papers need to be numbered. Stack of ten doesn't take long.
Nubby bumps help fingers place fabric, paper is thin enough to see thru when held to light.

Adopted a kitty on Christmas Eve. Named him Mr Pibbs.More about Pibbs later :)


  1. Gosh, I made a trial one of those PP blocks. 37 pieces! No thank you! Love your new cat.

  2. You look very organised with your paper piecing. I like the needle bumps idea. Mr Pibbs is very cute. The tapestry is very striking. Hope today is a good day :)