Friday, December 2, 2011

Stepped out front and saw this.Look at the water splashes in sunlight :)

Lucked out on a few pics of their busy bird bathing.See the one taking off in upper left corner?

Bath water was frozen solid earlier.They were so busy not one noticed me (or they would have scattered like buckshot).

Fog shrouded Huachuca Mountains. This was last week and now this morning the same view with rain all day.Wonky looks back at me with a quizzical look. Supposed to freeze tonight and maybe snow.

Quilty stuff to share next time!


  1. the birds are having such a wonderful time in the water...

  2. Brrr. This post makes me long for warm quilty stuff.

  3. Great photos. Those birdies sure love to splash:) I have pee wees that jump onto the creepy crawly hose that floats in the pool so it goes just under the surface so they can splash and wash.