Monday, December 5, 2011

Cold Outside So More Time with Fabrics & Patterns

Wanted to share patterns purchased from eBay seller last week. The store is Luv 2 Stitch Pattern Store. She has lots of great patterns and free shipping. (I also bought a couple quilt magazines from the store too).
I'm excited about this pattern Village Square. All fabrics are in my stash.
I really like those ChurnDash blocks and Star blocks. Houses, little sheep and bird give it a sweet look.

This one Harriet's Sampler has some complicated (to me) blocks. But wouldn't it look super done up in Civil War fabrics? I've always wanted to work on a Civil War fabric quilt. Maybe it could be done as a block-a-month to get it finished. I would have a hard time setting all other projects aside to finish one quilt :)

Love this Apple Crisp pattern from an older magazine. Enough fabrics stashed to make this one too.

Simple SnowBall and 9-Patch blocks.Fabric choices make the pattern special to me.

Mouse in his Jammies.Floors are cold now, maybe he could also use some poodle socks :) He would not look up for the photo, little Smartie has gotten wise to the camera flash.


  1. Great patterns! I love the Village Square.. blocks with houses/buildings in them are some of my favorites. Buster doesn't like to look at the camera either--to many flashes in the eyes, now he gets nervous and jumps up and tries to grab the camera from me. Yikes. ha Mouse looks adorable in his jammies.

  2. you have some lovely projects to do.... I understand how Mouse feels - I don't like people taking pictures of me in my jammies either!!

  3. I love that first pattern!! :D Your sweet furbaby does need some socks. :)