Monday, November 28, 2011

Long Weekend, I'm Tired

Playing with some fabric today helped rejuvenate me a little. These are flannel blocks from a kitty swap with the AboutQuilting forum members(many years ago).
Not sure about a border. Maybe some paper-pieced mousies all around? Don't want to be too complicated or it won't ever get finished. Maybe a plain border with a mouse in each corner.

Was hoping to get tree up and the multi-color lights strung on branches. Well, at least the tree is up. This is an old tree with fiber-optic strands in branches. It is so lovely, I still like its' sparkly look.It had white lights but they stopped working so we pulled them off. Every year I'm happy the fiber-optic part still works :)

Gonna get the kitchen painted after first of next year. Still testing paint colors, I want a yellow, like sunflowers. Maybe with a touch of gold.That's a hard color to find.


  1. The cats look fabulous. I think a mouse or two would be perfect. As you say, you don't want to make it too hard to finish. Choosing paints is really hard. I think the one on the left would be easier to live with than the yellower ones on the right.

  2. I love your kitty quilt... I have looked at this one myself on a number of times for my daughter who loves cats.. Yours is so cheerful..