Friday, December 9, 2011

FNS Tonight & Holiday Mood

Getting in the Christmas mood with quilt projects. These blocks have been pulled out and played with for the past several years. (Swap blocks with AboutQuilting ladies.)I always say I'm gonna sew more and then don't. May as well go ahead and get them into a top so someday I'll have a pretty wall hanging or sofa throw for December.

Two FNS this month, tonight is the first.I'll be sewing together those Christmas Pineapple Blossom blocks.

Carport under construction. This has had me up early mornings to do chores outside before workers arrive at 8am.Stucco was finished today so painters next week to contend with. Roofer is supposed to show up Saturday but materials have not been delivered. I'll be glad when all work is complete.
Snapped a pic of Chelsea.She looks really happy these days.
Now off to sew for the Friday Night Sew-in.


  1. the quilt top is going to be lovely....

  2. Gorgeous blocks, look forward to seeing your FNSI results. Buster sends his love to Chelsea. :)