Sunday, December 11, 2011

FNS Results & New " Blast From Past" Pics

Very pleased with these blocks. It did take a while to sew the rows. Swap blocks are never all the same size you know. Had to do a bit of trimming, stretching and untucking. Cotton batting after washing will hide a boatload of imperfections :)Then it took forever to press as I did not press seams as I sewed. (No quilt police here!)
Dug thru stash and found a good border print (unless I change my mind). We are going up to Tucson next week, maybe will find a "perfect" border, LOL.

Finally found my old photos disk. I'll be journaling some of those "Blast From Past" pics now and then. The camera was old so bare with me, will try to clean up pics best I can.

Blast From Past
Quilt for MIL 2002, one of my first quilt adventures. Such a simple pattern but I remember struggling with it. The fabrics were to die for (I think).
Backing was a soft cream with gold pine needles and cones.
Ended up with a straight grid quilting. It would have turned out gorgeous with a pine cone and needles panto. Back in 2002 I did not know there was such a thing.The quilt is still doing fine, SIL has it on her sofa for Christmas every year.
There was another cat with this quilt.It was little Norton! Norty is waiting for us at the RainBow Bridge. Many beloved pets will show up in Blast from Past Pics. Just have to remind myself it's part of life and not get all teary-eyed.

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  1. That's a beautiful quilt you made for your MIL, and your swap blocks project is looking great! Always bittersweet to see photos of pets that have gone on.