Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October Is Over?

Halloween was a bust. DH's job sent him to Ft. Benning. We missed the local Halloween party. No trick-treat kiddos this year.Patch cat snuck out and did some hunting. She left a mouse body for me to "take care of". I'll toss it into the wash for another critter to eat.

Last of the October skies. A heat wave is coming thru Tucson. Temps will be 85 to 90 today. Then a "cold front", temps predicted to be near 80 by Wednesday. My garden is still producing tomato's and squash.

Time to put away what has piled up over the last month. Lots of fabrics pulled out for projects. Some in progress, some to be put away for later.Fall sun shines onto my cutting table now. I had thrown a cheery tablecloth over the fabric to stop fading. Perfect place for a kitty to catch sun rays.

Patch will sleep off her night roaming here. Doesn't she look innocent?Tonight she won't get out!

On a better note- still sewing Churn Dash blocks.This is a favorite fabric, love the tiny pumpkins and fall colors. Makes me smile.


  1. I Love Patch's "I'm innocent" face; soo cute!
    That fabric is awesome; love the pumpkin pattern!

    Brandon's Raiser

  2. Love all your fabrics and Patch looks quite comfortable.