Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sewing More Churn Dash Blocks

Twenty+ cut focus fabrics for churn dash blocks, need to cut about twenty+ more.I'll cut the background fabrics as I sew.

The old 500A "Rocketeer" is still sewing nice, no more tension problems.The machine is set up on an old large (Martha Stewart) ironing board in the front guest bedroom. I can sneek in and sew when time allows.

I love this fabric, only had a half yard to start. Why didn't I purchase more?I like to use it in my scrap quilts, will be sad when it finally runs out.

Yikes, the solid cream is really pale. I'll have to add some lighter creams and more of the solid light cream background fabric for a good mix.If I sew just two blocks every day for a month......
There will be enough blocks for a nice sized throw.

Zoey's favorite spot while I sew.She is one pooped poodle girl by late afternoon.


  1. I love this ...and what a great way to use scraps...thanks. One of my next projects...

    while I'm working on my PHD...

    Projects Half Done!!!

    Sweet Poodle Girl..


  2. Your churn dash blocks are just wonderful!