Saturday, November 5, 2011

Poodle Afternoon

First I have to share more churn dash blocks :)
I used some horse shoe and spiderweb fabric :)
Foster pooch MicroDog is still with us (since June). He's still a wild child, won't come to us and hates to be touched. I doubt anyone will ever adopt him (not for the $175 price on PetFinder).

MouseMan had his monthly groom to visit the vet this morning.He had his percortin injection for the Addisons disease and is doing quite well.

Going in for the kill.MicroDog is getting a little big for his britches!
Mouse is very tolerant.He really does like little MicroDog.
Matilda likes to hang out with every one, even the little kids.She is next on my list for grooming.
Wonky stays busy. He has to pee where everyone else peed. Chelsea sneaks off. I don't blame her, he pesters her lots.
So glad I had this afternoon with the poodle kids. A real cold front hit last night with rain, wind and chill felt like 30 degrees. More of the same for several days.


  1. Your poodle clan is so lucky to have such a great space to play in.

  2. Aww, those photos are so cute - looks like everyone is happy!