Monday, October 24, 2011

Walking "Ghost Tour" Last Night

Mimsy is looking like I feel this morning, a bit tired and wanting to go back to bed.

Last night DH and I went on the Walking Ghost Tour in old Bisbee, AZ. **See disclaimer below.** This is not a ghost hunt, but an after dark walking tour through historic streets, stairways and old alleys of 125 year-old Bisbee. Our ghost hostess (and local artist)Renee' showed us the haunts of several "ghosts", told their stories and shared with us a great deal of rich history about this old copper mine town.
Bisbee after dark. Copper Queen Hotel is the oldest running hotel in AZ.
South end view- open (abandoned) copper pit in distance.
Old Bisbee is located in the Mule Mountains, built in a canyon that narrows away from the old mine pit. Larger town buildings are in the more open area, then hotels and houses are stacked up the canyon walls.
On one walkway we could almost reach out and touch the third storey roof of a building just one street below.Rocky canyon walls are much steeper than it looks in photos.
Below photo is view from city park. This park was built over the towns original cemetery. Marked grave sites were relocated, unmarked graves were paved over. That feature made great ghost stories for our Ghost Hostess to tell.Many many steps down to the street below (in the dark for us).

This photo shows what back and side streets are like from the main street area. Very narrow, some were just gravel and dirt, some paths had the original old red brick cobblestones. Fun bits of quirky art can be spotted tucked here and there.Old Bisbee is now an artists colony.
Hidden stairway to Brewery Gulch Saloon.
We plan to visit Old Bisbee again (in daylight). Mid November there is an open historic home tour.
Um, DH and I do not believe in ghosts. We joined the tour to see Old Bisbee after dark and hear stories about past inhabitants. Just for the fun:)
Next week-end we are visiting Tucson Studios for their Halloween bash.


  1. What a fun tour! Isn't it great just to try something new for fun? Happy Halloween :-)

  2. Sounds like an interesting time. Thanks for sharing. I love all things Halloween.

  3. What a fun way to spend an evening. I love history, and I especially love the old home tours during the holidays when these grand old homes are decked out in their holiday finest. Not even a hint of a ghost? Yes, I do believe. Sending greetings from Maine, Julie.