Saturday, October 22, 2011


Good grief, a lot of cutting! The freezer paper is slick and curly.My hand got tired of cutting, especially after all the tracing of pattern pieces.

There were seven pages to trace.I'll finish cutting later :)

While I cut the pattern pieces my DH cleaned up the insides of this Singer 500A. (He wants me to use it for repairing flags). I could not wait to get my hands on that machine when he finished, it's been sitting for two years. (Found her on eBay for $35).
I spent a bit of time resetting the tensions for upper thread and bobbin thread, it was all out of whack. Then I wiped her down with oil followed by a good buffing. She sews a real nice stitch now.
While searching for my bobbin winder I stumbled across a box with this "stuff", some cut churn dash blocks and a magazine from 1995.The background fabrics were never cut, I needed to decide if they should be all the same cream. Now I'm think'in maybe a mix of cream TOT's would look better.
I'll keep these cut fabrics with the old 500A and use it to sew all the blocks and top. That will be a fun project to do over time.
Sew, that was my FNS.... not a lot of actual sewing but a good start on the applique project.


  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one who keeps projects around! I think it will look great when its finished.

    How old is your sewing machine? For some reason, it reminds me of a rocket! Maybe made during the space race?!?

  2. I should have added more info about the machine. I have not dated this actual machine but they were made from 1960 to 1963 in Anderson, SC. This machine is called a "Rocketeer" because it was space-age looking for its time (and still is).

  3. I love the old machines... great to see you have got this one going again....

  4. WOW my (wonky) hands would have given up after 1 page, lol.

    The Singer is gorgeous (they're my favourite make) - is that the one they call the Rocket? What are the gauges for at the top (A-R) - does it use cams for decorative stitching? It's a magnficent looking machine - I bet she PURRS now!!!

  5. Oh what patience and talent.....I have my hands full just trying to trim ICE and you have 4!!!!! A very special Blogger sent me a Quilt with white poodles on it after my big boy OBI passed. I cherish it and think it is a wonderful art.
    What an unusual Singer, I hope you have lots of fun with it=^Y^=Holly & ICE

  6. I love your singer, the metal ones are the best, have my nana's and still use it on occasion! Isn't it great to find old projects? I think that will make a fine quilt!
    Hugs, Mickie

  7. Looking forward to seeing the applique project.. that is the exact same machine that my mom has! Has had it since it was new, and still uses it. I learned to sew on it. ha! Hers has tension issues too. Love that churn dash pattern and the blocks. I'm your newest follower.. found you on the FNSI link. Nice to meet you.