Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Treasure

I've seen other bloggers sharing Tuesday treasures so thought I would do that too. My little Singer FW is a treasure to me. I have found a place for it in the front spare room. The lovely table topper was made and gifted to me by Millie of Millie's Quiting. (Hi Millie, you are a treasure too!)

Wonky all clean and silky from his bath and hair-cut. He's been very happy to be inside with me these days, very much a house dog.
Doesn't take much to make Wonkus happy.

Busy with his rawhide chew.Wonky is a treasure too ;)


  1. Lovely to see your pretty little singer machine... looks like you are using it too??
    Wonky looking very content...

  2. I've just discovered your delightful blog. Your Singer is beautiful - I know it's a real treasure.

  3. Your little table setting is gorgeous.. The little machine really tops it off... I think your pets are very spoilt...LOL....