Sunday, October 9, 2011

Vintage Homestead

An all-time favorite (of mine) panel and fabrics by Whimsicals for Red Rooster fabrics.Kind of a softer primitive look to me. Fell in love with this line when I stumbled across it. Now it is hard to find at a few years old. I was able to purchase a full kit from another blogger last year. I'll use left-over fabrics from the kit and this extra panel to make a smaller version quilt.
Upper part of panel.

Lower panel.
Companion fabrics found at a shop on line (sale priced).These get stashed with the big kit. Any extra yardage can be pieced for backs.

Cat notes:
Poor Smudgie has a chin abscess. Her vet shaved the area and drained lots of gunk. She found two holes, looks like a bite from something small. A mouse or lizard ??? We will never know. Our Kitties spend time in the screened porch. It has a few places where creepy-crawlers could squeeze in.Lots of liquid banana flavored antibiotics down the Smudgie hatch.
The owie is shrinking, almost gone. Here she is as a younger kitty.Worn out from helping sort fabric for our move five years ago. Hard to believe Smudgie is 12 yrs now.

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