Saturday, October 15, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In

All set to quilt this little wall hanging for FNS. I was pin-basting the sandwich when my DH said "Hey, lets go to a movie". Well, I could not pass that up! We usually stay home on Friday nights.Sorry little Scarecrow, you will have to wait a little longer to be finished. (He was still there there waiting for me this Saturday morning). ***See edit below ***

Found these nifty x-tra long hair clips to use for holding edges. They should work really good to hold binding too. Found clips at dollar store, they only had two packages left. I wonder if another quilter spotted them too?

Backing fabric is brown stripe used on front.Not sure what I'll use for binding, maybe the same fabric.

Zoey says I wanna go too.Sorry Zoey, you will have to wait with Mr Scarecrow.
Whew! I just realized FNS is next friday (Oct. 21st) yeah! I hope to have Mr Scarecrow finished and be working on another project by then! ;)


  1. I get so much enjoyment out of your animal photos as well as your quilts. But, I must say...Mr. Batman steals the show this month! Such a fun blog you always have!

  2. Yes, those hair clips are wonderful for binding too. Sure like your scarecrow.

  3. I like your blog too!! Love your wall hanging. I use to do that too and once in a while I sew some but haven't quilted since 09.
    xx, Fern
    PS I am getting old now and don't see very good, really never did but it is a problem now.

  4. Just happened upon your blog. Enjoyed your textile projects and fabrics. Love your animals--I live on a small farm. Your halloween décor is great!
    best from Tunisia,

  5. Just wanted to say thanks for your visit to my blog and for becoming a follower: you are the magical number one hundred! When I started blogging in May, I never dreamed I could make it there. I look forward to following your blog too.
    best, nadia