Friday, October 21, 2011

Freezer Paper 101 For Me

Tonight really is FNS, here is what I would like to work on. Project is "Things That Go Bump In the Night". Project is from a Kim Diehl Book- Simple Seasons. I have fallen in love with her books, love the colors and patterns. I realised my stash is full of her favorite colors so much fabric will shopped from my sewing room shelves.

Kim shows how to work with freezer paper applique, a process I have never tried.I figured this smaller quilt would get my feet wet before starting on other more complicated applique projects. (This one as small as it is has lot'sa pieces to trace and cut).

I was wondering why the roos out back were hanging out under the pom tree so much. Then I found these! Skins don't look ripe but the seeds are juicy and getting sweet.All the plants and trees had a late start because of the deep freezing temps last spring. It took extra time for leaves and buds to grow out. One fig tree died, the other two had to start from ground up. They have figs but fruits will not ripen before a cold snap.

To save lower pom fruits from sharp beaks I sewed bags from a heavy shade cloth.Bags are tied around the lower hanging pomegranates. The fruits need to ripen a bit more before harvest.

Wanted everyone to know I appreciate your comments and like to reply. I cannot reply for now, my 'puter has something going on like maybe some malware or a virus. I do not want to infect anyone, my DH is going to clean things up in my 'puter today.


  1. Looking forward to reading how your applique goes - lovely poms... I think they are my favourite of all time - hope the 'puter gets sorted....

  2. I know the feeling of a noncooperative computer, glad you are getting it fixed! Love the photos and can't wait to see the finished project! The poms look like they will be awesome!!! :)