Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Happenings

Harvest Moon fabric panel. Doesn't this just put you in a fall mood?I've been watching this panel on eBay. Finally a seller was offering some at a low price. She even threw in two FQ's to go with this panel :)

Here are some FQ's I found at the "Cow Girl Up" quilt shop in Benson. (DH drove us up there Saturday morning). I am always happy to find piles, stacks and baskets of cut FQ's. So easy to choose the colors I need without having to drag bolts to the cutting counter.All of these will go with that fall panel. Yeah!

Gathering some plants to pot. Days are getting cool enough to put flowers out. (At least temps are only around 90 instead of 98). Nights are cooling down to 60's so mornings are cool for a while too.There are always a few pet companions to keep me company. On Zoey's good days she is my shadow.

Patch cat wants out, Zoey wants in. Zoey likes to go out back and sniff around. She is the only one besides Matilda that does not chase our backyard roosters.Patch is not allowed out. She is lucky to have a 10x60 screen porch. But she doesn't know that. I appreciate the back porch. It is useful for so many projects. We have raised several groups of chicks in crates back here. I have groomed poodles on the porch table when temps are cool and now it is for potting plants. What next? I see a small painting project in the future.

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