Saturday, August 20, 2011

More Stashing & Pet Stuff

Not much quilty stuff going on by me lately. I hope to get back to my machine this coming week. But meantime I have been stashing more cute panels and fabrics for boy quilts. The fabric was found on ebay from an estate sale, a yard of each. With a few colors from my stash this will make a cute little quilt for a boy.

Pet Stuff
Can you see the kitty?
Maybe here? (She is hanging out on both ends.)
Hey, Smudgie!

MicroDog had a meet and greet Saturday. But the couple decided he was too much of a challenge. They want a dog that is house trained, will follow with no leash and be company to their dog. MicroDog could be all that someday, he just needs a chance.I feel sad for him but his forever home will come along some day.

Such hot humid weather we are having but typical for August in this area.I'm always enjoying the most beautiful sunsets.


  1. Beautiful sunset... I didnt see kitty at first, lol. Shes nice & cozy :)

  2. Needing to build up my BOY stash too..with 9 grandSONS I need to get busy...

    I saw the kitty...cute!!!