Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Another cute panel found on eBay. Blue Jean Teddy has always been a favorite of mine. This is one panel I never saw before, "Tractor Teddy". Already had the matching jean fabric for backing. I'm thinking to use a barn red wood fabric as outside border to frame Teddy.

Lots of rain so lots of grass all around the house. Might as well let the geldings graze it down vs mowing. Both horses still come mooching for a treat when they see us outside.

Dreamer bean picking. Mesquites had a very big crop this year, no idea why.
Those beans are surrounded by long poky needles, his nose must feel like a pincushion.

Chick update:
Frizzies last hatch. They are now grown enough to roost up high. The one on left is smooth feathered, waiting to see how much it resembles Silky dad when mature. The red is from Sussex momma, it has dad's beard and feathered legs. This group is very friendly. So far not one has crowed, could we be lucky enough to have all hens?

Polish hen sleeps with her head resting on roost board.All those head feathers must be heavy!

Glanced out my sewing room window last night and noticed brightly colored clouds. (No photo touch-up!)These were east, towards Mule Mountains.

The poofy clouds quickly morphed into rain clouds.Even the rain streaks were orangy from the sun.

Mary from HeartStrings will soon announce a special project for the group. I'm really curious what colors and blocks she has in mind. I have yet to quilt the Lime Project top. But that won't stop me from starting another HeartStrings project :)

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  1. Your skies look beautiful. I love that paint horse you have. My horse growing up was a paint. I still have a weakness for them. I love your chickens. They have grown so much. My chickens are moulting now and I just feel so sorry for them.
    Your look all nice and new. I like your panel that you found. I used to have some of those too, I wonder where they went.
    Have a great week.