Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beautiful Gift from Millie

Quilters are such a wonderful group of people. I want to share a quilt sent to me for my neighbor to gift to her father. This beautiful quilt is from Millie of Millie's Quilting Isn't it lovely?
Check out the scrappiness of it. So many different reds and blues.
I love the different creams used with the rail colors.

Quilting close up.
Not sure what the pattern is called but it goes well on the rails.

Such a beautiful quilt, such a special gift from the heart, thank you Millie.
(Now to start collecting reds, creams and blues to make a quilt like this!)


  1. I love RWB for Rail fence quilts and have done a couple of them.

    The quilting design is Baptist Fans.

  2. Millie's wonderful...her longarm quilting...AMAZING!

    Happy Quilting..

  3. The best part of quilting is to make quilts as gifts and making somebody happy. Hope you will have a great week!