Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fabric Book Panels

Fabric book panels make cute kid quilts. I saw one in a YahooGroup photo album and searched for the same panel on eBay. Nabbed two at $4.99 each.
I may use a wonky tilted setting around each square. There is a denim look fabric in my stash that's perfect for backing.

Gosh, it seems like Matty was just at the grooming shop, but she is a bit woolly again. I decided to give her a quick clip myself. It was easy this time, she stood for me without pulling away.Her coat is a beautiful silver when clipped short. I like to leave more hair on poodle legs cuz they look so skinny when clipped close. Her feet are still fuzzy but decided to stop before a fight ensued. I'll finish her up in a couple of days.

Matilda snuck into the chicken yard while I was gathering eggs. She is so camera shy I was tickled to get this photo of her. Some days she follows me around like a shadow. But if I turn around too quickly she is gone.

This AZ Blond tarantula was in our garage two nights ago. Husband gently put the big fellow way out in the yard.Last night he was back- in our living room! I think he caught a ride inside by way of a grocery bag. That will teach me to put my groceries away ASAP!

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  1. That is most definitely an indoor tarantula. She would probably appreciate having her own bed.