Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Busy Summer So Far

Had a miss-hap unloading hay from truck. Thought I broke my butt! Feeling better now, it hurt to sit, walk or stand for several days. I worked last week on getting these blocks topped by sewing just a few minutes at a time. Now I realize it still needs two black border strips.Didn't crop the photo so the "design wall" location shows. No room at the doorway for anything so it's a perfect place to hang the old poly batting to stick blocks on. (Doorway leads to kitchen, garage door to my back).

Storms every day with rain the past week. The area is still in a drought, not as much rainfall as needed yet.Mustang Mountain was a beautiful sight this morning.

July BlockParty blocks finished day of drawing. I donated them to sweeten the pot for winners.August block is a fun jar using prints of anything you would keep in a jar. I have bugs and fruits for those.

Poodle kids are lazy on hot days. Wonky is the biggest slug. Some days he has to be dragged out- LOL.

Our foster- MicroDog visits Dreamer. Tuff little dog wants to conquer the horses but he is barely as big as a hoof. MicroDog should be up on PetFinder any day, rescue has photos now. MD really needs a home cuz he is getting too settled here.

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  1. The quilts look so pretty. No rain here either but the weather has cooled down just alittle, the evenings feel lovely. That last pics. is so cute :)