Thursday, July 28, 2011

Working on Harvest Welcome

The Harvest Welcome scarecrow is coming along. I decided to make his gathered neck really gathered. This helped avoid lots of applique. I will applique the straw hair cuz it will look best that way.
Foster pooch, "Micro Dog". I thought his name was Jake but one of the others was named Jake on PetFinder. So, we decided on MicroDog since we have mega dogs and a mini dog (DH's idea).

This little poodle/chihuahua is ready to adopt out. He was so wild but is getting really friendly, just a bit shy yet.
Skies have been so beautiful, had to document some shots here.

I'll be trying to post more often, lots going on.


  1. The scarecrow quilt is looking great... those sky pictures are just lovely... and cute microdog...

  2. Your scarecrow is coming along great, and Micro is a cutie! I hope he does well and finds a lovely forever home :)