Saturday, July 23, 2011

Any One Else Join the FNS ?

I almost forgot it was time for FNS again.But, I was gonna sew anyways :)

It was fun choosing fabrics for this project.

Lots cut and ready to sew. First of four leaves finished.

Had to sew many HST's for leaves.Ugh, must applique the stems.

Scarecrow head. I used a looser weave rustic looking fabric.

Lined it with a thin muslin. There will be lots of applique to finish the face and add "hair".

Bottom row of leaf blocks sewn to shirt edge. I decided to use different colors from the pattern photo.

Two six inch leaf blocks for top row.Check out the cool hat fabric. Bought a FQ of that long time ago. Perfect for a scarecrow hat.

It's nice to sew with a friend. Mouse was my trusty sew partner right to the end.


  1. Fall is my absolute most favorite season---and I adore scarecrows. :D Would you mind sharing which magazine that pattern is in? Maybe it's one that I have in the midst of these zillions of quilt magazines. I would love to make him too. :)

  2. I agree with Angie - fall is the BEST! That's going to be a cool scarecrow - are you going to do something 3Dish for the straw? I'm looking forward to seeing him completed - with Mouse at your side, of course!