Friday, July 1, 2011


Finally the AZ Monsoon season has arrived. This area gets moisture pushed up from Mexico and the Gulf starting in June. We had our first heavy rain on Wednesday.

Beautiful clouds! They kept forming and billowing over the Huachucas. Monument fire was almost contained, the rain has put it out.

Rain pushing towards us, sky was turning very dark.
It rained all evening and into the night. Lot's of thunder made old Matilda restless. Zoey is so deaf this year, she cannot hear the booming.


Noticed Mouse has been favoring a back leg. Inspection by his vet revealed a 'probly torn ligament. One that holds his little kneecap.
Doctor's orders are crate rest for two weeks, only walking to go out on leash to potty. It helps to have a buddy to hang with ya. Chelsea really likes Mouse. So for now Mouse is in his crate, stroller or next to me.

This is gonna be a long two weeks for all of us.
At least he will go pee while on a leash!


  1. My little guy had a torn ligament a few years ago. If he had been bigger it would have been a problem, but it healed in just a little over a week. The vet said that the scar tissue was stronger than the original ligament.

  2. A poorly dog is hard work. I hope the knee heals quickly.
    Brilliant photos, BTW

  3. So glad that it has rained and put out the fires. xx