Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th !

Almost too late but I have to wish everyone a happy fourth. No red/white/blue quilt to display this year but here is some perfect fabric for one.

Just too danged cute this 4th of July fabric is. Nabbed it on ebay, 4 yds for $20 and it's a QS quality fabric. Hope to do something with it by next year.

What would the 4th of July be without watermelon? Frizzie's last brood enjoys a cold chunk.
Melon keeps the chicks hydrated on hot days, plus for more coolness they get right close to a little fan next to crate.
Almost time to fire up the grill. We usually tailgate on truck and watch fireworks but the county has banned fireworks this year.
I'm OK with that.


  1. Ours did too....Hope the residents abide by the ban....we are really parched here...

  2. Those chickies look so cute with watermelon!! I wish they had banned the fireworks here, it was too loud last night :(
    Glad things are getting back to normal!
    Hugs, Mickie

  3. I really love that patriotic fabric. My red, white and blue quilts didn't get finished either, but we still 363 days left to be ready for next year.

  4. I never would have thought of chicks eating melon. Learned something new today.