Friday, June 24, 2011

Top Finish & Fire

In between everything I've been sewing the mule/donkey quilt. Today it will get mailed to Millie in Texas for professional quilting.

Close up of block and sashing.
Backing for the top.

Didn't want to journal much about the AZ Monument fire, there has been enough info on news. FaceBook had so much info and pictures from people at the fire, it was like you were right there experiencing all that was happening. The predicted week-long 40-50 mph wind suddenly stopped after one day! That is what saved us. Fire has now burned to back side of mountains. Fire fighters hope the wind doesn't change direction and blow it back to our side. So much was burned up, people's homes and animal habitat, great losses.

I have to say, many local people in this community came forward to help. They opened and ran evac centers for animals and people. Here are two dogs we are fostering.
A breeder gave up ten small dogs when she had to evac her residence. Both of our fosters are cute but almost ferrel. I could not catch them yesterday. Hopefully they will come around and not fear people.
My neighbor went with me on Thursday last week to evac llama and alpaca from down by San Pedro River. It was a long tiring day, six hours total. We had to take back roads to get around roadblocks, so many trucks/trailers going into fire zone to rescue livestock. Once the animals were loaded into my horse trailer we were sent around a back route because fire was so close (the air was choking with smoke). At one point the fire had roared down so close we could see flames. We drove thru Bisbee and Tombstone to Sonoita where a breeder is keeping the evac'd animals. Sorry, no photos- it all happened so fast!

Hoping to get back to normal in the next week. Stress took it's toll on me, the danged fibro has flared up. I need to slow down but so much to do. Night sky is back to normal without so much smoke.
I'll be posting pics of working on garden and chick updates.


  1. So scary that fire business is. I love the horse fabric quilt. Our son and wife are in the dog rescue for Boykins. Two of their own dogs are rescue dogs. It is so great that so many people were helping trying to save the displaced animals.

  2. So glad that you are safe, especially after your trip to rescue animals. It is so frightening when fires are around,more so when they are so close. My sympathy goes out to you with the fibro, my husband is a sufferer too..
    Love your mule quilt...Take care..

  3. So glad you are safe. The Mule quilt is beautiful, such a great quilt to give to a special person.
    Take care,