Wednesday, July 20, 2011

More Swap Blocks & Happy Rooster

Fall fabric colors and themes are mostly my favorites. I usually pull them out too late to finish for fall display. This year I will start early and at least have tops to pin up.These are blocks swapped a few years ago, they all need squaring and then just sew into rows. Should be a fast finish.

One block I cannot bring myself to use. Reminds me of orb weaver spiders on the Florida horse trails. Spiders cross bridle pathways with huge webs and someone had to go first with a long stick to swipe webs out of our way.I went off on a side trail one morning and Moose was in full speed rack, gliding along so smooth. Suddenly we hit a web and I was covered in those huge spiders. Nightmare stuff. Screaming, flailing I was and Moose never missed a beat. He is unflappable. That was the day I almost died on horseback.

Did I journal about Boyd getting kicked out of the youngsters coop? He was causing "trouble" with the young hens so we put him out back in his own crate. That is the best way to introduce chickens to each other. They did all their sparring between crate bars for a few days. Now they are ok with each other and Boyd is on the loose, having great fun. (Clockwise- Boyd, Silky, Corky & Boo).

Boyd mostly likes to hang out with the Belgian roos and Silky roo. Cochin roos are being standoffish for now. Boyd roosted with Belgians last night. All is quiet, now Boyd has a permanent home as long as he doesn't attack us when fully mature.Boo is the only attack roo we have, he is so small you don't notice his ankle flogging :)
I just noticed that Boyd is the only roo here that doesn't have feathered legs and feet. He is a Leghorn and Australorp cross from neighbors hatch of one chick.

We are so happy the Pom tree did not freeze, so are the roosters. It has developing fruits in all stages. This year fruits won't have to be picked all at same time as they ripen. We have two more trees to plant, they will give privacy along the wire fencing.


  1. Lovely stories and your chooks are all looking good ... I do love pomegranates but not that spider fabric...... I'm with you on those nightmares!

  2. And you probably didn't apologize to the spiders for destroying their insect killing webs. :-)

  3. Not to fear about destroying webs. They were often built back by late afternoon. More webs higher up where rider could not reach.
    My skin is crawling to be thinking about it.

  4. What a great looking quilt that is! Love the colors, well done! The chookies look so happy!
    Hugs, Mickie