Friday, July 22, 2011

Another Fall Project & Broken Eggs

Remember this project? I finally found the pattern and fabrics. Started cutting, will make two (one for a gift).I like to have a few projects going at once. Smaller projects have more of a chance to get finished in time for fall display. Then I can start December projects early this year.

Mayhem in the chicken coop. It started when summer heat arrived. Lots of cackling sounding like fights. They are fighting now every day. I think fights are started by the buff colored hens (Leghorns). They are flighty and mean. They do each lay a nice big white egg every day. These days their eggs are not worth their problems.One circles a hen in a nest box. She pecks and pecks at it and then another joins.
They cram on top of and under each other. That's how the eggs get broken. I find other eggs covered with yolk stuck with shavings. Some days I cannot be here to check for eggs every hour.
When they discover a broken egg it is eaten, shell and all. Can be a bad habit if they learn to break eggs on purpose. Some chicken keepers will cull the entire flock and start over. I think at that point I will give up on keeping hens for eggs. The sweet bantams and frizzled girls can have the entire place!

The Sussex hen is getting her head pecked. Ouch! That's a buff Leghorn pecking. Sometimes the Sussex has bloody bite places on her wing shoulders. She is at the bottom of the food chain or "peck order".Ever been pecked by a chicken? It hurts and can leave a bruise if they hang on long enough.

This area is supposed to get remnants of a tropical storm. So far just clouds hanging over mountain ranges.
Weekend rain should be heavy per the weather guy. Hope he is right, we are still in a drought.


  1. Your project looks great... I also like to have some small things on the go..... keeps the motivation.... gosh those hens are having a go at each other.....

  2. I wonder why we call someone "chicken" when they're afraid to fight.

  3. I think I would be having some chicken and dumplings if the hens are going to be that mean. haha I never fooled with chikens brother was allergic to feathers so we could not have them on the farm.

    Your fall project is going to be pretty...

    I just want you to know I still read...but with the embedded comment form I don't comment often because I have to turn on to accept third party cookies, will just keep on reading.

  4. Your fall project looks great. I love fall colours. It is horrible when a chicken gets picked on. I was wondering how many of them you have. If you only have 4 or 5 of the big ones maybe just a couple more might help share the hen pecking around so one is not picked on.

  5. Geez, I know how mean chickens can be, got pecked when I was a kid and they scared me forever! Good luck with getting that situation under control :(
    Love the fall project. Looks so cute! I'm with you on smaller projects, our lives are so busy, finishing anything is more what I am after!
    Hope you get rain! Hugs,