Saturday, July 16, 2011

Quilted Bag and Barn Poodles

Pulled out this older UFO to finish today (from 2006?). Started this bag in a class at Thimble Weeds quilt shop. The shop closed last year, owner moved to Montana. Now we just have one LQS in town and it's for sale. Anyway, my sis likes cats so I'll finish the bag and send to her. The bag was for stashing cutting mat and rulers, etc for quilt class. Lots more uses for it.
This fabric is so cute, wish I had purchased more. Just need to quilt now and fold top rectangles over and stitch closed. Dowels slide thru the folded parts to make handles. I want to make another bag from horse fabric to keep my Horse & Rider magazines in. Maybe use some poodle fabric to keep my poodle books in too.

Today Mattie and Zoey went up to barn for hay with me. I follow slowly behind on the ATV. Mattie looks like she wants to go back for some shade.
Zoey always disappears, Mattie will wander back outside.

Matilda always walks up towards the round pen or dirt road but stops before getting to fence line. She doesn't hear very well and was startled by the UPS truck one day, she never forgot. Mattie looks back often to see where we are. When I start to leave she trots quickly to follow.

The two girls are ready to go inside for a long cool drink and naps.
Me too but I still need to feed the hay to Moose and Dreamer then sweep out and tidy up chicken coops. Always more work to do when one thing is finished. But, it's good to stay busy, huh?


  1. Sigh...the life of a Poodle. Their only work is to be a companion.

  2. The pups look so happy! Love the bag you made for your sis! It's awesome! :) Hugs, Mickie

  3. They look a little warm!! Pretty place you have!