Thursday, June 16, 2011

Monument Fire Evacuation

Quick posting to show the Pops top.I'm happy with how it turned out. Now it goes into the pile of "to be quilted".

The Monument fire in my area is still burning hot and fast (no longer called Ash Canyon fire). Ash Canyon is burned up and fire is moving on across the Huachuas. So many homes have been evacuated and are on stand-by to evac. Sheriff's Office has put out a call for help with evac of livestock. Lord help me but I called to offer help. The lady on phone said they need trucks and trailers to get horses out of the canyon areas today and she will call me back with info on where to go. Told her I am no longer able to load horses that don't want to load so she will have someone with me to do that part.
I'll be back to journal about my day. Anyone reading this please say a prayer for the safety of all concerned.


  1. Prayers being sent - stay safe!

  2. Lots of thoughts for you and everyone else... and of course the animals....fires are so scary....


  3. Prayers are sent your way. Good luck too!

  4. Holding you in our prayers and hoping all turned out okay. Hugs, Mickie