Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday (again) Already?

Time is flying by! So much to do with hot weather moving in, should have started weeks ago. I've spent evening time on the Pops blocks. Those little double pops were very fiddly but turned out cute.I found background fabric close to the original quilt in magazine. Now I'm playing with piecing a border.

Sunday we had an unwanted visitor, a rattle snake near side porch. You can barely make him out on gravel rocks.
Closer look below- I was watering trumpet vines when he sounded off with a non-stop buzzzzzz. I ran away before trying to spot him. Good gravy, he was just a foot away on other side of chain link! Warm weather brings out hungry aggressive snakes. This was a reminder to watch for them now.

Our beautiful Palo Verde trees did not survive the hard freeze. Below zero was just too cold. One is replaced with a hardy Texas Ash, will plant another when the rainy season arrives.Birds are already visiting the new tree.

DH put up a temporary coop for the two fancy roosters. We need to lock them up at night or both come down to bedroom window and crow non stop at 5 every morning. Both roos like to hang out under Pomegranate tree during hot afternoons..That bushy tree survived the deep freeze but many branch tips froze and that's where fruit develops. Not sure if we will get a good crop this year. I only see two buds so far.

The Star Jasmine survived, perhaps because it was close to house.It's bloomed like crazy and smelled so good. Several other jasmine plants did not survive.

Some days we are smothered by smoke from AZ fires. It's almost impossible to see Huachuca Mountains when wind blows.Sunsets are more eery than beautiful. I won't complain because fires are not threatening us.


  1. If I had heard and then seen a rattle snake it would have been a case of See Sandra Run. See Sandra Run FAST! See Sandra Run Faster Than Superman While Screaming Like a Girl The Whole Time! We get garter snakes around here - they're harmless (I think, lol) but I would still stay very far from them!

  2. Such an interesting post.... I love the lollipop quilt and the border looks great.... I don't know what I'd do coming across the rattle like you did.... just the picture scares me..... I loved all the pics at your home...

  3. The lollipops look great. A rattle snake seems dangerous. Good job you know what you are hearing and know when to run.

  4. Hey there,
    Did I get to you yesterday?? I can't remember if I did or I just tried!! I tried to bring your comment frame up for yesterday and it would not come up, so I thought I'll ask?
    Love your lollipop quilt. I wish I could have seen your pics but they wouldn't load either. I am on dial up and my computer will never load more then a couple of pics.
    I remember talking about snakes, was that to you yesterday?? Anywho I am not afraid of snakes, living in the deep woods most of my life!!
    I am so pleased you can to visit me! I love your company. I don't have to clean house for your visits!!
    xx, Fern

  5. Good that the fires are not a close up problem at your house---the smoke must be bad enough!

    Your quilt looks wonderful!