Monday, June 13, 2011

Trying to Stay Sane Today

Old Dodger has gone down very quickly the last few days. His hind quarters are very weak, it was a slow process to get to this point. A vet warned us this would eventually happen, something to do with spinal degeneration. Same thing that happened to Macho several years ago.One day they cannot get up. I've been helping the old fellow get up and he could walk enough to go out and do his business. Today he stumbles and falls after a few steps.

It is killing me to see this happen because he still has a sharp mind and good appetite. I wonder what he thinks about what is going on with his failing body?We have a vet evaluation scheduled for tonight, I don't think Dodger will be coming home with us.
We knew eventually this would happen with the old adopted poodles. Dodger had almost two good years with us, wish it could be more.
Life is still going on all around.
Eggs Frizzie had been sitting on started hatching Sunday Morning. Her bantam eggs are no larger than elongated ping-pong balls. Here are the first two chicks.

As of this Monday morning she has five healthy looking chicks. I snuck in a small egg from Speckled Sussex again, chick is colored like a chipmunk just like the last time.(Still three more eggs to open).The babies are already pecking at melon and scooting about. They are staying in big dog crate on back porch for now.

So awfully hot today. Mesquite trees are not tall enough to give much shade for big critters. I'll be taking Moose and Dreamer up to barn for real shade.

Mesquites are beaning and blooming.
Fire update- We are not close to the big AZ fires to be in danger. Thankfully the wind shifted and it has not been smokey for several days. But last night we could see a new fire burning in the Huachuca foothills just beyond the Fort (30 miles away). For now the wind blows the fire south and east of us.


  1. It brought a lump to my throat reading about Dodger. My old apricot standard poodle declined quickly once he got to the stage where he could not walk properly or stand for very long. That's when the vet advised us that it was time to say goodbye to him. It was heartbreaking, so I feel for you.

  2. This just breaks my heart. I am hoping for a miraculous recovery before he goes to the vet.

  3. Oh poor Dodger.. and poor you... it is so heartsore to watch... thinking of you....

  4. I so feel for you with your poor old puppy...Just found you through Mickey, and am enjoying your blog... hope you stay safe with the fires...Rosie

  5. Very sorry to read about Dodger... his is such a sad time for you all. Our Dobe went down quickly like that too. ox
    Wonderful photos on your blog! So glad you are not in danger from the fires. Love your pop quilt!

  6. I am so sorry to read about Dodger. Our Frankie is having trouble getting up stairs these days, and I have wondered, like you, what he makes of the pain he must be feeling. I wish there was a better way to communicate with our animals, but all we can rely on is the heart-to-heart method. Good luck with Dodger, and with the fires.

  7. It is so hard to say good bye. Dodger was lucky to be with you. The chicks are very cute. Hope you all manage to keep a bit cool.

  8. I'm so sorry about Dodger ... I know how it feels, but remember what a good 2 years he had with you - that's a most wonderful gift to have given him.